MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child

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Organization Policy

MAMTA is committed to developing, maintaining and improving the work environment based on health and safety of the staff. The institution is fully accountable to its target beneficiaries, employees, donors, governments and other stakeholders that it serves. Operating in a culture of mutual respect, MAMTA provides an environment that promotes ambition and supports the talents/capabilities in its leadership team in achieving its goals. Its structural and functional systems are both efficient and effective with transparent channels of internal and external communications.

MAMTA believes in consensus and new policies discussion where various opinions are considered. It promotes greater ownership for its staff with openness to new ideas. Its staff composition reflects MAMTA’s secular stand and commitment to gender equality. The leadership has its due respect and is well received by the staff without any sense of fear.

The value system of MAMTA contributes to its unique social and psychological environment and is based on an inclusive and sustainable development. Individual values though respected, do not compromise the integrity of institutional values. In the coming years, the work of the institute will continue to be governed by the core values and principles of mutual respect and dignity, transparency, disclosure, total commitment from all staff, partnerships, zero tolerance to dishonesty and harassment of any form, gender sensitivity and respect for population of all sexual orientation, caste and religion. It will strive for greater recognition of technical strength and contribution of the staff; openness to ideas leading to innovations.