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Case study

Breastfeeding Drive through Camel Cart Revering this year's Breast Feeding Week theme of "Sustaining Breastfeeding Together" demanded an activity that was able to engage not only the pregnant and lactating women but also their spouse, mothers-in-law and also other members of the community who plays crucial role in opinion formation leading to practices; thereby involving all the members of the society in the duty of sustaining breastfeeding. Under Project Jagriti Rajasthan, five days five ways was promoted for the Breastfeeding Week. Out of these the innovative and also very effective mode was the Camel Cart Drive. The Camel Cart was chosen primarily because it is a symbol of Rajasthan. In each of the eight blocks spread over two district of Rajasthan, Ganganagar and Churu one Camel Cart was decorated with posters along with this miking of breastfeeding messages was being done. Over a period of a week, 8 carts covered 549 Kms touching 60 villages. Around 8000 people engaged in a dialogue about breastfeeding of which majority of the participants were male and elderly women. In words of community leader Mallar Kheda village of Ganganagar district, "We have never seen such an advantage of camel cart. It is generating awareness while upholding the traditional values."