• The International Association for Adolescent Health -
    11th World Congress on Adolescent Health

    International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH) 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health: Investing in Adolescent Health - the Future is Now will be held in New Delhi, India from 27-29 October 2017, hosted by MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and with support of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The Congress will combine clinical and public health perspectives, and present new approaches and best practices that can contribute to accelerated action for adolescent health and rights, both globally and with specific reference to India and the sub-region.


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    Jagriti Sammelan - Sharing & Learning Conference 2017

    18-20 September 2017

    MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child (MAMTA), You’re Invited for participating in the National level conference under RMNCH+A Project (Jagriti) @ Indian Social Institute...

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    Hum sab ke liye, apno ke liye

    MAMTA is entering into its 25th year of journey,  and we take this opportunity by celebrating with you all through  creating a momentum on the evidences, experiences, learning  and challenges to further enrich collective learning on issues of our mandate.

    Stay tuned into our Website & Facebook to be a part of this celebration and keep sharing your thoughts and views.


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    Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership
    Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership

    Giving back to society has emerged as a way to invest in social welfare and contribute in the development of the community and country. Many of the corporate have been responsibly encouraging this social investment. The current legislative and policy has now made it mandatory for all the corporate to partner in social welfare through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    CSR provides a creative opportunity to the corporate for fundamentally strengthening their business while contributing to society at the same time. For stepping towards this aim Corporate build partnership with credible and efficient organizations who can take their mandate of social cause towards a positive outcome.

    MAMTA channelize CSR mandate and create platform for social investment for many corporate. MAMTA partnering with a corporate is not only about social responsibility but it is also about providing an opportunity to the corporate for reaching out the most marginalized community on the Health and sustainable development issues. For MAMTA CSR program is not a source of fund, but it is courting relationship with the corporate for achieving a similar vision.

    Since last 3 decades MAMTA has partnered with corporate like Philips, DLF, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Greenlam, Glenmark, Angelique international, Bristol Myers Squibb, HDFC, Sir Jamshed Ji-TATA Trust- Mumbai, Sir Dorabjee TATA Trust- Mumbai, UNICHARM for implementation of CSR initiatives .

    Partnering for sustainable impact
    Partnering for sustainable impact

    MAMTA firmly believes in integrating corporate social responsibility into sustainability and therefore recognize CSR as Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.

    We provide platforms to Corporate to invest and support initiatives that impact community, family, individuals as well as system thus ensuring an inbuilt mechanism of sustainability. This active involvement of the stakeholders at all levels ensures the future handholding of the implementation and sustainability of the efforts put in. The objective of joining forces and developing partnership for a shared goal is an effective method of making the community self-sufficient and bringing long lasting change in the lives of the unreached.

    Bearablity, viability and equitability are considered at every stage of the implementation plan. The implementation is monitored, measured and reviewed systemically. As a norm, MAMTA focuses on developing and maintaining evidence, to inform impact and desired change, which is unique to a company partnership.

    Developing Social credibility
    Developing Social credibility

    As an organization we understand that as corporate your foremost businesses exist to make profit and while strategizing CSR initiatives we ensure to this goal. We seek to leverage the image and business branding of the companies that associate in the partnership among the various stakeholders. Throughout the intervention design building brand awareness, enhancing brand image, establishing brand credibility, evoking brand feelings, creating a sense of brand community, and eliciting brand engagement is considered.

    CSR for us is providing an opportunity to manage these relationships to produce a positive and sustainable impact on society and meet company’s social mandate in a constructive manner and build credibility for their brand.

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